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Leveraging on the proficiency of our professionals, we are engaged in offering Insulated Glass to the clients. These glasses are ideal to be used in architecture as these have the property of better energy conservation. The insulated glasses are widely preferred on single glazed windows as the former is more energy efficient. Clients can enjoy warmer as well as cooler ambiance at the lower cost by using this energy efficient product.
  • Specifications:
  • Got ISO 9001 and ccc
  • With good technology
  • Different kinds of glass
  • Quality meet GB/T 11944-2002

Insulated glass (IG), more commonly known as double glazed units and increasingly triple glazed units is double or triple glass window panes separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.

The glass panes are separated by a “spacer”. A spacer is the piece that separates the two panes of glass in an insulating glass system, and seals the gas space between them.

  • Other Specifications:
  • Max size: 2500*3600mm
  • Min sixe: 200*400mm
  • Single glass thickness: 3-12mm
  • Total thickness: 10-40mm
  •  Reduction of heat build-up in summer and reduction of winter heat loss and condensation
  •  Lower air conditioning and heating costs
  •  Lower UV transmission
  •  Lower noise penetration
  •  Increased security.
  •  Greater spandrel and vision panel matching for commercial applications