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The venture, “Vishesh Glasses Private Limited,” was incorporated in the year 2006, but our company has lived through 3 generations of “Sitlanis” and was known as “Asian Mirrors” before 2007. We were the sole specialists in looking glasses in Ahmedabad for a very long time, and a household name on people’s lips for mirrors. As new blood was infused into the company, we recognized that old ways do not necessarily open new doors. So, we set out to spread our wings. We upgraded and modernised our working styles to suit the present-day demands of the society. Today, we have grown to become the most reputable producer, supplier, distributor, wholesaler, and trader of a really wide and comprehensive range of glasses.

Respecting the old does not necessarily mean, that we should not seek out the new. And we follow this old adage. We not only have our own world-class production units but even own spacious warehouse facilities. As a result, we are able to maintain our items in storage for longer periods of time without any deterioration in quality, and backed by the highly superior quality of manufacturing units in Gujarat (India), this is a total win-win situation. Furthermore, this enables us to supply products easily in case of any client’s urgent requirement arises.

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It’s not possible to solve many of today’s problems or predicaments with yesterday’s old processes. Modernisation of our organisation and the manufacture processes to keep in stride with modern trends is one of Vishvesh Glasses’ main focal point of interest today. Bringing individualised customization and innovations to each of our products is our unique signature and flair too and we aim to make it our stellar selling point. And ofcourse, it goes without saying that we aim to supply the best quality product in a range which is most suited to the budget of the buyer while duly safeguarding the product’s standard of quality. We do not compromise on quality to make any product purchasable.

“To be the most innovative and most reputed glass processing and distributing company in India.”

It is our vision to become an industry leader in the field of glass manufacturing by adopting processes, operating systems and procedures to surpass the exacting international standards for the same & create a brand image that evokes a sense of awe, blind faith and inspiration. We intend to create & multiply our company’s wealth by continuous expansion for a better future.

ADOPTING INNOVATIONS: Modifying existing solutions to meet the needs of the new markets.

ADOPTING INNOVATIONS: Integrative innovation to get multiple jobs done in one elegant solution.

ADOPTING INNOVATIONS: Channel innovation to get products delivered to the satisfaction of customers and end users.

Our mission is simple:
  • To bring to our customers the benefits of the leading technology in the glass industry from across the world.
  • To provide our customers with the best glass solutions from concepts to realization.
  • To set an unbeatable standard in service to customers.
  • To maintain and expand our endeavours in glass engineering.
  • To improve the utilization of glass for crafting spectacular aesthetics with an unrivalled ambience To provide an eco-friendly solution in a world that needs environment protection.

"Delivering the best quality products in time." to each and every one of our loyal customers. No matter what the size or total value of the order, or even the ticket size of the project, we pride ourselves in delivering consistent and exemplary services without any bias or discrimination between any and all clients. We have a reputation of consistency in quality irrespective of size or value of the order & this has always been and will continue to remain our main target.

We believe that the success of any organization is based on how good the teamwork is. Idolizing this point, we have created the best team by recruiting the best personnel in the manufacturing sector. All technical inputs for the manufacturing range are provided by the best-trained engineers, who are backed by hardworking and committed personnel. They put the best in making the product of the best quality which is further tested by our quality analysts. The quality analysts with field expertise over years, subject our products to stringent quality checks before the product is delivered to our client. As a team, our solidarity lies in creating the best product and enhancing our customer satisfaction with the best in-hand experience.

We promise:
  • Prompt delivery of your order,
  • With intact products at your doorstep in mint condition,
  • Installation of all the orders at record speeds,
  • Meeting each and every deadline that you may have cited,
  • Skilled personnel to give demonstrations to you and your staff.
  • Post installation services,
  • An extended warranty

And overall, we promise that our service will be so commendable that you will remember us every time you want to purchase something new and will have no other agency supplying your equipment in the future.
Since Lewis Carrol’s second book, “Through the looking glass”, glass has become an essential part of the décor of most aesthetic of spaces, be it homes, offices, luxury getaways or any place.
Remember, in Ahmedabad… Gujarat……. Pan- India……., one of the leading fabricators is Vishvesh Glasses and they are scaling new mountains of innovations every day!